Does A Patio Increase Home Value?

During the last 7 consecutive years, residential architects have classified areas of being outdoors (such as courtyards) like the no. 1 “Special function” Room between consumers, according to the American Institute of Architects Home Design Tendens Survey.

“For each individual buyer, [a yard] is a huge positive. You can add a ‘wow’ factor of this type that will make your house move much faster, much better, much easier, and for more”.

However, in the Remodeling 2018 report cost vs. Value Report, classified backyard patios lasted the last time ROI in resale (47.6%) among the 21 popular renovation projects in 149 markets.

That makes the patio, it is defined as an outdoor paved area connected to a house, a bit of paradox in the “greater home improvements” camp. Buyers love the feature to extend their vital space and for entertaining purposes, but producing complete returns on the project is a difficult business.

Before going to pour concrete slabs only to increase your sales price, follow these real estate expert advice and patio contractors with superior rating to make the most of this investment.

Keep patio costs down for a higher return

In general, the kitchen and bathroom remodeling that move in the low-end range, recover a higher percentage of their resale costs than the exclusive revisions. Logic continues that the ROI patio is higher for less ambitious and low-scale projects. Spend less money first, and it’s easier to recover that money.

The data support this theory: MAG remodeling numbers show the average returns for an elaborate patio, crowded 20 × 20 feet with all bells and whistles, including a pergola, fire pit and a modular kitchen unit, to be lower than the fifty%. In most areas of the country.

The southern Atlantic states, including Georgia, Carolinas, West Virginia, Florida and Maryland, are exceptions where the average ROI patio is 51.3%, perhaps because the climate lends itself to a longer use of the outer space of a home.

On the other hand, the data from the National Association of Research Agents, according to the costs recovered in a backyard paving yard of 18 × 16 simpler feet, with a sand base and a dry set on compacted gravel, is from 69% The cost is significantly lower than $ 7,200, with $ 5,000 recovered in resale.

The lesson? Invest in a basic patio space instead of all luxury updates, if ROI is its highest priority. Attract buyers with a feature that is high on your wish list, then let them attach the space to your liking once the owners are.

Also, even if an elegant patio could help you order a much higher price point, the value that buyers assign to the outdoor living space may not align with the opinion of a appraiser, according to Nelson.

Nelson adds buyers often like to see that there would be enough space in the yard to add a patio at some time down the line, vision and the potential of that external retreat is a point of sale. His reasoning is that the courtyards are a less invasive project than, for example, a change of image of the kitchen; You can still live comfortably in the house while under construction, so the buyers are willing to assume it after the fact.

Please note: Only 4% of real estate agents in the NAR remodeling impact report, recommended vendors add a new yard before attempting to sell, while only 2% says that the project “sealed an agreement “In a closed transaction.

…But don’t try to build a patio yourself

Patio installation is not for the casual home improvement TV enthusiast. In a DIY patio installation gone wrong, big issues can crop up such as unlevel stones, or a mismatched mosaic of materials.

Nelson says she’s seen it all, including “patios added onto patios onto patios, next to slabs next to pavers, added onto a different type of pavers… and if you don’t do the base right, your pavers will pop up and look uneven.”

Unless you’re handy with a masonry saw, landscaping nails, and a plate compactor, leave this project to the pros.

If you need additional advice or consulting, our partners over at All American Concrete can help.


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